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Yes or No to Air Bnb ? Condo Owners let's hear from you ; ‚Äč

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Guest:  Linda Pinizzotto, COA Founder and President 
             Condo Owners Association COA Ontario 

#COAontario and #COAtoronto urges #AirBnB to respect June 1 deadline

“We are deeply concerned that AirBnB and transient rentals in general are not regulated or legislated and believe that without any degree of this form of protection, the safety and security within condominiums may be compromised. Condominiums are personal residences and not hotels, the turnover rate involved with transient rentals affects the operations, operational expenses and value of condominium corporations. The added wear and tear on common elements is a deep concern, contribution levels on reserve funds may not be adequate. We stand behind strong, healthy condominium communities and look forward to proper implementation of regulation and legislation on all aspect to protect Condo Owners.”


As a Condo Owner if you are concerned about ghost hotels, disruptive short-term rentals or the loss of affordable housing stock in your neighbourhood?   Please become a supporter of our campaign.
If you have a story to share, we would sincerely like to hear from you

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