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Note:  Each COA Division has a Ward to embrace the Political structure of our Municipal, Provincial and Federal Level of Government.

This system provides COA to advocate for Condo Owners and provide a positive approach to balance and support for a "Better Condo Act and Condo Community.  Let's help COA to build and create a strong Association to stand up for "your Rights"    No different from the Teachers Association and all advocate Associations. 

There are so many condominiums in Ontario.  They range from low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise condo buildings, then there are different styles of townhouse in the residential market.  There are also commercial and industrial condominiums. 

The COA is your voice and why do you need a voice?   Condominiums operate under the guidelines of the Provincial Legislation called the Condominium Act.   As you know, you have a Board of Directors who run the affairs of the corporation through their Property Manager.  The Board has to follow the Condominium Act which is overseen by the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services.

It is not easy for individuals to deal directly with Government but there is strength in numbers.  The more Condo Owners who register with the Condo Owners Association, the more ability the Association has to advocate for stronger protection and to ensure that your rights are being addressed.  It is similar to the Teachers Association or any other non Profit Association.  The key thing to understand that without the COA how will changes be implemented. 

COA Ontario needs to be informed about Condominiums in each city, therefore we have designed several Divisions and we hope to have more and more volunteerism as we continue to grow.  If you are interested in volunteering, please complete the volunteerism form and email it to our office.    


Benefits of COA Divisions under COA Ontario  

Structure allows interaction with MPP's, Local Mayor sand Councillors and City Staff on municipal regulatory relating to condominiums
Provides representation for Condo Owners on numerous stakeholder and expert groups

Benefits of COA Divisions having Districts

Structure allows interaction with every Riding and Ward within a Division
Creates a close working relationship with local MPP, Mayor and City Staff on municipal regulatory relating to condominiums
Ensures representation for Condo Owners on numerous stakeholder and expert groups

Example   COA Toronto - is a Division of COA Ontario

Toronto is the fastest growing condominium community in Ontario
Has 44 Political Ridings which are the COA Districts
Example:  1 District is Trinity Spadina District which is Ward 19 and Ward 20
Trinity-spadina - Ward 20 has over 70,000 condominium owners since 2012
Click to view: 44 Wards and 12 Political Ridings 

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Condo Owners Association Orangeville

The Condo Owners Association is a non profit Association who represents and advocates on behalf of Condo Owners and Condo Buyers to ensure better governance, accountability and operations of condo communities.  COA Orangeville is a Division of COA Ontario.

Let's work together because the Condo Owners Association is important and with our voice we can help to protect your condominium home and your investment.    

Condo Owners and Condo Buyers


Volunteers Needed

 We are seeking Volunteer Committee Members to assist us with our COA Orangeville Division.          

 Please click here for Volunteer Registration Form


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