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Fire Marshal - Chief of Emergency Management

Invites the COA 

The COA was invited to participate with the Technical Advisory Committee to prepare the "Report on Improving Carbon Monoxide Safety for Ontarians. The recommendations in this report offered assistance for government approval on the implementation of Legislation for Bill 18, Hawkins Gignac Act (Carbon Monoxide Detectors)  

Report on improving Carbon Monoxide Safety for Ontarians

Bill 18, Hawkins Gignac Act (Carbon Monoxide Detectors), 2013  

Details on Silent Killer



On behalf of the Fire Marshal and Chief of Emergency Management, I would like to thank the committee members who generously volunteered their valuable time and knowledge towards the development of these recommendations. The committee’s thoughtful recommendations are expected to significantly enhance the safety of all Ontario residents from the harmful effects of unsafe levels of carbon monoxide. Pending government approval, the recommendations will be implemented and/or proceed to public consultation as proposed changes to the Ontario Fire Code (OFC), where appropriate.

A special note of thanks to OFMEM staff who provided technical and administrative support to the work of the committee.

Al Suleman, P.Eng.
Assistant Deputy Fire Marshal


Members List


Al Suleman
Assistant Deputy Fire Marshal

Members (Alternates)

Steve Clemens
Canadian Fire Alarm Association

David Morris
Canadian Fire Safety Association

Joann Bentley (Chris Kenopic) 
Canadian Hearing Society

Rocco Delle Fave
City of Toronto Fire Services

Linda Pinizzotto
Condo Owners Association of Ontario

Doug Frost
Federation of Ontario Bed and Breakfast Accommodation

Mike Chopowick
Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario

Wayne Nie
Fire Fighters Association of Ontario

Terry Mundell
Greater Toronto Hotel Association

John Gignac
Hawkins-Gignac Foundation

Steve Tomlin

Hotel Engineers Association of Toronto

Doug DeRabbie

Insurance Bureau of Canada

Jim Rotz
JBC Canada-First Alert

John Ward
Kidde Canada Inc.

Rick Pereira
Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services

Sarah Jeffrey-Hampton
Ministry of Consumer Services

Aaron Moffat
Ministry of Education

Nadim Khan
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Eve McDonald (Nadia Hawkins, Marc Cousineau) 
Ministry of Labour

David Craddock
Ontario Association of Architects

Jim Jessop
Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs

Keith Doucette
Ontario Building Officials Association

Chantelle Cosgrove
Ontario Municipal Fire Prevention Officers Association

Jenn St. Louis (Jon Meadow) 
Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association

Asim Qasim
Ontario Public Health Association

David Ogilvie
Ontario Retirement Community Association

Amy Padro
Parachute Canada

Grace Sammut (Glenn Spriggs) 
Resorts Ontario

John Marshall
Technical Standards and Safety Authority

OFMEM Technical Support

Armen Kassabian
Beth Tate
Chris Slosser
Gord Yoshida
Jim Chisholm
Mariano Perini
Michael Ng
Pierre Yelle





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