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The Condo Owners Association has made a huge impact providing expert opinion, recommendations and solutions on various "Stakeholder Groups" on behalf of residential and commercial Condo Owners and Condo Corporations   We offer our sincerest appreciation to those listed below and all of the other Governmental Agencies, Non Profit Agency and Private Corporations who have reached out to invite the COA to participate:  

  1. Ministry of Government and Consumers Services
  2. Consumers Council of Canada
  3. Ministry of Finance
  4. Homeowner Protection Centre
  5. Fire Marshal Office
  6. Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services
  7. Canada's Public Policy Forum
  8. City of Toronto
  9. City of Mississauga


STAKEHOLDER - Reports are links below:

Consumers Council of Canada Residential Housing Intensification Study

Fire Marshall Safety for Ontarians Advisory Committee

Carbon Monoxide Safety for Ontarians

Homeowner Protection Centre Condominium Property Management Regulation

City of Mississauga Stormwater System Review Page 78

Ontario's Condominium Act Review Stakeholder Roundtable

Ontario's Condominium Act Review Stage One Findings Report

Ontario's Condominium Act Stage Growing Up Ontario Condo Communities

Condo Act Residents Report - COA presents Page 59


COA Ontario Reports/Power Points links below:

How Condo Owners Association Helps Condo Owners 

COA Explains Impact of Condo Act at Carson Dunlop Condo Event  

COA Makes an Impact for Condo Owners at Toronto Home Show - Exhibition Place  

COA recommends a Provincial Reserve Fund Bond for Condos 

COA letter to Premier Wynne regarding problems with Status Certificates


COA Ontario submits Reports to Ministry of Government and Consumers Services   


COA submits Letters to Hon Premier Kathleen Wynne



Published in COA Reports on Review