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COA Ontario Divisions (31)

The City's across the Province of Ontario are known as the Divisions of the Condo Owners Association

COA Mississauga


Condo Owners Association Mississauga

The Condo Owners Association is a non profit Association who represents and advocates on behalf of Condo Owners and Condo Buyers to ensure better governance, accountability and operations of condo communities.  COA Mississauga is a Division of COA Ontario.  

  • COA Mississauga is a Division of the Condo Owners Association Ontario  
  • There are 11 Districts in Mississauga (known as Wards/Provincial Ridings)  
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Ward 1

Ward 5

Ward 9
Ward 2

Ward 6

Ward 10
Ward 3 Ward 7 Ward 11

Ward 4

Ward 8

Mississauga Mayor & City Council

Agendas & Minutes

Council Calendar 



Transportation Information:  The Hurontario-Main Light Rail Transit (LRT) project. Mayor Crombie was joined by Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca, Minister of Finance Charles Sousa, Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey, Metrolinx President and CEO Bruce McCuaig, various Mississauga MPs and MPPs as well as City of Mississauga Council Members to announce that the Hurontario-Main Light Rail Transit (LRT) plan will receive full provincial funding amounting to $1.6 billion. Please find below a sampling of select media coverage generated from the announcement as well as Mayor Crombie’s interview on CP24 and CBC Metro Morning.

To learn more about the Hurontario-Main Light Rail Transit Project, please visit:


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COA ONTARIO is growing and Accepting Volunteer Applications

COA Ontario represents Condo Owners Across the Province of Ontario.  We need volunteers to help with the various COA Divisions and Districts across the Province. The COA Toronto is the 1st Division of the COA and there are 12 Districts   For more details:    If you would like to be involved we would like to hear from you. 

Be A Volunteer   

We request that you familiarize yourself with COA Ontario, and the associated geographic area within your District of Application.  Please complete the online application.


The COA Ontario works closely with all Divisions of the COA and we required follow specific mandates and missions statements..  Each Divsions  is responsible to keep in constant contact with their Local Districts and associated committees plus create good relations with local Councillors, MPP's and MP's.   All information received through the Local Divisions and the Districts must be directed to COA Ontario.


If you are volunteering for a local District;  COA Ontario requires you to create a solid business relationships with your local Councillor, MPP's and MP's.  All Committee members represent COA Ontario Mission Statement under the umbrella of all Condo Owners who are members of COA in each respective District.

District committees will keep tabs on local developments, problems and issues relating to local condominium owners to report back to their Local COA Chapter. Each District within all of the Chapters will carry the same responsibility.   Each Division is responsible to provide this information to COA Ontario to ensure all important condo issues are represented through COA Ontario and our Provincial Government.

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